Guidelines & Rules
  1. All users who participated in this activity shall be deemed to understand and consent to these guidelines & rules.
  2. 100% deposit bonus is only available for users who deposit for the first time who registered after 1st, Dec, 2019(UTC). The bonus will be sent automatically to your account in 1 hour.
  3. All bonuses earned during the activity are not withdrawable, but permitted to be used to experience the features of the platform.
  4. Creating multiple accounts by the same person or other behaviours for bonus will be treated as cheating behavior and will lead to suspension.
  5. If the illegal account has been deposited higher than 0.001BTC, which is the minimum withdrawal requirement, IE Option will refund the balance; if lower than 0.001BTC, the balance will not be refunded, and the withdrawal request will be denied.
  6. During the activity, please contact the online support or email if you have any questions.
  7. Share with friends - social networks includes Facebook, Twitter or these sited listed at Wikipedia. Your sharing should be public and kept for at least 24 hours under a social network account which is created 90 days earlier than your registration time with IE Option. Please share your share result and screenshot with the support team the claim the extra bonus.
  8. The bonus will be expired and reclaimed by the sytem after 36 hours if the deposit balance remains 0 btc for 36 hours.
  9. IE Option reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute.