IE Option Glossary

 2019-11-26 10:41:22

IE Option

  • Bull

The bulls are the traders waiting for the asset price rise. They buy the assets to sell them at a higher price in the future.

  • Bull Market

The market where we can see the price increase. The bulls are the key players in the bull market. As they suppose this term was taken because the ascending chart reminds the bull horns raised up.

  • Currency Pair

A trading instrument to trade in the trading market.

  • Return

On IE Option platform the trader receives up to 91% of the investment amount. The return amount is set when you buy an option.

  • Volatility

A strength of the asset price swing for a definite time interval. The more changeable the asset price is the higher volatility is.

  • Deposit

A balance of a trader's account. The trader can use these funds to open a deal.

  • Indicator

The instrument which allows you to determine a chart direction. It is a chart option realizing a definite digital method. The indicators help traders to make a right trading decision.

  • Support Line

A price level below the current rate. The bulls do not let the asset price decrease below this level. According to the trend strength the support levels can be strong and weak.

  • Resistance Line

A price level above the current rate. At this level the price is controlled by the bears who do not allow the further rise of the asset.

  • Trend Line

At the ascending trend the trend line is built on the local minimums and is a support line. At the descending trend it is built on the local maximums and is a resistance line.

  • Bear

Bears are the investors earning on the price reduction.

  • Bear Market

The market where we can see the asset price drop. In this market the main trends are downward directed. As they suppose this term was taken as a descending chart reminds the legs of the attacking bear.

  • Bear Raid

A coordinated attempt of some bears to reduce the asset price by its active sale.

  • Bar

A graphic presentation of the asset price changes for a definite period of time which we call a bar chart.

  • Bonus

A bonus is real money which IE Option transfers into your account as extra funds to your deposit.