Know what kind of traders you are on IE Option

 2019-11-26 10:01:33

IE Option

To understand users' motivators should study who are they first. We can divide all traders into four groups according to the slang used in Wall Street :


• The bulls

The bulls are users who make a trade when the price rises. These people prefer to buy at a low price and make profits when the price rises.

• The bears

The bears are users who always sell to making profit on the price drop. When this kind of user attacks its prey from the top down, so the bearish trader pushes the price downwards helping it to reduce.

• The pigs

The pigs are users who are submitted to their greed. They always lose money when the price moves against them because trade on huge volumes.

• The sheep

Usually, the sheep are the uncertain users who follow the crowd and take the side with bulls.