Deposit & Withdrawal

  • Can I withdraw the bonus?

    Yes, you can withdraw the bonus once these requirements are met. For new user's welcome bonus:It's supported to withdraw the profits out of the bonus once your trading volume is or higher... Read more >

     2019-11-26 07:35:24

  • What is the minimum deposit & withdrawal amount?

    It is recommend to deposit higher than 0.02BTC to split your funds to options more flexibly. 0.001BTC is the minimum amount to process a withdraw request. Please be noted that bonus is not c... Read more >

     2019-11-26 07:15:32

  • How long does it take to withdraw from the balance?

    Once you submit the withdrawal request properly, it will be added to a queue that risk control department and financial department will handle step by step. Normally this will takes 30 minutes to... Read more >

     2019-11-26 07:08:07

  • Why does my deposit still not arrive at the account?

    After you have made the deposition, we will waiting for the arrival notification from the blockchain. The funds will be added to your account immediately at the moment we receive your payment. Ge... Read more >

     2019-11-26 07:00:01

  • Can I deposit via my debit/credit card?

    Sorry, no debit/credit card is supported here. Only bitcoin transfer is accepted at IE Option. Read more >

     2019-11-26 06:37:23

  • Can I deposit in ETH/LTC or other currencies?

    Sorry, IE Option ONLY handles bitcoin deposit. If you would like to trade in ETH/LTC, we will change bitcoin to the relevant currency without service fee. Read more >

     2019-11-26 06:34:20

  • How to withdraw from IE Option?

    Please find the withdraw page in the drop-down menu or visit;Input your bitcoin address and the withdrawal amount, PLEASE BE CAREFUL because of wrongly input, we'... Read more >

     2019-11-22 04:18:51

  • How to deposit on IE OPTION?

    After logging in, click the  icon at the top right corner of the homepage, then select "Deposit". You will get a Bitcoin deposit address with individual multi-signature and a QR co... Read more >

     2019-11-21 08:12:05

  • How to trade on IE Option?

    Here are the steps to trade cryptos on IE Option:1, Select the underlying asset you wish to trade(BTC/USDT,LTC/USDT,ETH/USDT,XPR/USDT...)2, Select the expiration time3, Select the amount that you want... Read more >

     2019-11-20 09:45:21

  • Am I allowed to trade in my country?

    IE Option is not restricted in any country. Crypto currency trading is supported at IE Option and we respect the decentralization nature of crypto currencies. As we’re based in United Kingdom, IE Opti... Read more >

     2019-11-14 06:25:20