How to gain access to the 91% profitability room? How to become a VIP?

 2020-03-30 11:06:21

91% profitability is the highest profitability rate for BTCUSD on IE Option. It is private and locked from new users until the upgrade condition is met.

There are three types of VIP memberships to give you different profitability on BTCUSD options trading. Please read the policy for upgrade/downgrade as follows,

Membership Type

BTCUSD Profitability

Valid Days

Accumulation of Deposits

How to Upgrade?

Downgrade Policy

Black Card VIP



≥ 10 BTC


If the account is found transferred, borrowed, compromised.

Golden VIP


30 days

≥ 1 BTC


Deposit 0.3 BTC every 30 days to renew the membership, otherwise will be downgraded to 86% until meeting this minimum deposit again

Standard VIP


30 days

≥ 0.1 BTC

1. Contact

2. Downgraded from 30 days VVIP

Deposit 0.05 BTC every 30 days to renew the membership, otherwise will be downgraded to 86% until meeting this minimum deposit again

General Trader



No minimum required

All new users


Once you have deposited the required amount, you will be eligible to claim the membership by contacting the support team (

You will be able to access the new dashboard for VIP once the support team enables it for you in 24 hours.


Q: Do I need to deposit 1 BTC in one deposit to become a Golden VIP?

A: No. You can do deposit many times. Once you have deposited the required amount in total, you are qualified to claim the membership.

Q: What is the way to contact the support team?


Q: Am I automatically upgraded to a VIP?

A: No. We need to upgrade your account manually in 24 hours, please be patient.

Q: Can I continue to take the deposit bonus after I’m upgraded?

A: Yes. The bonus promotion and other events are still effective for VIP users and may give a higher rate (subject to the rules of any specific event).

Q: Can I deposit 1 BTC and then withdraw 0.5 BTC but stay as a Golden VIP?

A: Yes. Your membership will still be valid and last for promised days.

Q: Can I share my VIP account with my friends?

A: Seriously, it’s not advised to do that. Though IE Option holds nothing of your personal details but only your email authorization, leaking your account info to others will lead to wider leaks. IE Option reserves the right to secure your account proactively if any risks are monitored.

Q: What extra services can I expect when I become a VIP?

A: Your ticket to the customer care team will be done more quickly and before all other non-VIP users. And you can appoint a withdrawal time to follow your timezone. A personal account manager will be assigned to answer all of your questions for Golden VIP and Black Card VIP.