How To Use K-line Chart Of Binary Option Trading?

 2019-11-29 09:31:50

The use of K-line in binary options operation skills is very common. By customizing your own trading plan and combining your own experience, it is much simpler to achieve profit.

If a support level is found during the decline, it is a very good time to buy. What about the rise? It is very simple, just to find a hanging hammer, that is, when the price rises to a pressure level, if a hanging hammer is formed, it is the time to buy and sell. Like a hammer, the lead must be more than twice the body of the candle, and the accuracy will be higher!

I believe many people have understood that after choosing the signal, we choose to place the order in 59 seconds. The reason is very simple, because the system will begin to draw a new K line in the next second, so it is equivalent to us to judge that the next candle is Up or down!

Many traders who are exposed to binary options are constantly asking for new technical indicators, but honestly, these so-called technical hit rates are not as high as standard signals (mostly less than 60%). Is to make a profit in binary options, then all you have to do is wait patiently and decisively shoot when you encounter standard signals.

If you find a standard signal in the correct position (pressure support), and that the accuracy rate will reach 70% or 75%, which is the result of a large number of statistics, of course, will not reach 100% hit rate. So do not be discouraged even if the missed maintain stable state of mind is important, what we want is the number of times greater than the long term profit loss.