How long should Binary options be traded?

 2019-11-21 09:00:23

There are many technical indicators, trading techniques and trading periods for binary options trading. Our platform offers 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes to 1 hour of trading. However, for so many time periods, how long do we trade to be suitable?

This is also the focus of many newcomers. Today, let's talk about the comparison of the 60-second and 5-minute options commonly used in the homeopathic trade of binary options. Let's see what it takes to do a few minutes?

Comparison of binary options 60-second trading and 5-minute trading

The 60-second trade 

It is undoubtedly the hottest deal of the moment all over the world!

Because the closing time is fast, the trader does not have to wait for a long time and can get up to 80-100% profit in just one minute. These reasons make many binary options traders have a soft spot for 1-minute options.

However, the 60-second binary option also has many shortcomings. Because the market changes very quickly within 60 seconds, the signals formed in a short period of time are often affected by temporary messages and market conditions, resulting in signal misalignment

In 60 seconds, the trader must make a decision in a very short time. Even many traders will not hesitate to pursue the loss after losing a 60-second trade. The purpose is to recover the loss.

►Advantages: short time, quick profit, and strong display

►Disadvantages: easy to be affected by temporary news, quick transaction

The 5-minute trade

The 5-minute binary options, compared to 60-second trading, are also popular by many traders. Because the response to the market is not as instant as 1 minute. The signal formed by the 5-minute IC line is more convincing than the one-minute IC line.

Also, 5 minutes of trading time also gives traders the ability to think about their trading strategies. Relative to the 60-second trade, because of the lack of urgency, the pressure on trading is naturally small.

It’s more stable than the 60-second trade, but the downside is that the speed of profit is not faster than the 60-second trade.

►Advantages: Signal formation is relatively stable and time is sufficient

►Disadvantages: Making profits is slower than one minute of trade