News Trading Method

 2019-11-25 08:46:49

News Trading Method is used when there is a news that is more important or particularly important in the market.
For example: Bitcoin important news release! When financial news like this comes out, it will have a rapid impact on the subject matter of binary options. And such an impact is one-sided. 

Then just in the 60 seconds trading, you can just follow this rule.

The specific steps are as follows: 

1: Know in advance the specific time of the next news release. Understand what impact the news will have on the subject matter. 

2: Prepare on the platform. We provide 60 seconds binary options trading. 

3: After the news is released, the investment decision is made immediately after the impact on the subject matter is clarified. 

4: If the one-sided situation is very obvious and continues, then additional funds can be used to continue making investment decisions in the direction of impact. 

5: 60 seconds trading can be profitable after 60 seconds, in general. Once the news is affected, it will not rebound in a short time.

This is the News Trading Method: It is necessary to pay attention to prepare in advance to ensure that the speed of computer and internet is fast. Be sure to trade quickly after the news release, and don't invest if you miss it. Don't predict ahead of time before the news comes out, unless you have a strong predictive ability.